Get ready to party in style! Our team of professional graphic designers is here to sprinkle their creative magic and personalize your wrappers with a touch of pure awesomeness. We'll jazz up your wrappers with your name, event date, party colors, and if you're feeling extra fancy, even your own photo or logo. Say goodbye to ordinary and hello to extraordinary as we turn your wrappers into works of art that will that will have everyone saying, Wow, where did you get those?!
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Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers

for Hershey's Chocolate Bars are fun and unique party favors for weddings, birth announcements, baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties or any 'sweet' occasion!

Make an impression that people will REMEMBER!

After all, your "sweetest" occasions deserve a special treat!

Will you find the Golden Ticket?

Calling all dreamers and chocolate lovers! We've got a treat that will transport you to a whimsical world of pure imagination. Our personalized Wonka Bar and Golden Ticket combo is the perfect choice for your next business giveaway, party favor or gift.

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How to wrap a Hershey's candy bar

Whether it's a birthday bash, a wedding extravaganza, sweet shower or any special occasion that calls for a little extra pizzazz, we've got you covered (literally). Get ready to wrap up the fun and make your event truly unforgettable with our personalized wrappers that are bursting with personality and playfulness!

We can help you create the perfect sweet treat to make your event perfect. Our candy wrappers, stickers and invitations are printed on high quality glossy paper using professional graphics laser printers and precision cutters. We design trendy, whimsical wrappers using fun fonts and the latest trends and colors.