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610BC - PLUS Double Sided Glue Tape Dispenser

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Product Code - 610BC

PLUS Double Sided Glue Tape Dispenser

72 feet = 864 inches of double sided glue tape per box will wrap 200 regular size candy bars or 500 miniature candy bars.

Since our wrappers are not self-adhesive, you will need double sided tape or some sort of adhesive to adhere your wrappers around your candy bar.

Use what's left over for gift-wrapping, scrapbooking, photo albums, and school projects.

Tape width: 3/8 inch

Tape length: 72 feet or 864 inches

A revolutionary new design with a spin head mechanism and a replaceable tape cartridge

Built in applicator for easy touch-free mounting

Permanent, Refillable, Smooth Spin Head

Ergonomic design for comfortable every-day use

Photo Safe glue with reduced acids to prevent photo discoloration

Apply clean and precise lines of adhesive instead of using messy liquid glues or glue sticks

Retractable cap for neat and convenient storage

The outer case opens up to provide access to the replaceable cartridge

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Customer Reviews

Based on 402 reviews
Dolores Ayers
Double sided glue dispenser

Came in so handy to wrap candy wrappers

Bonnie Gingerelli
Works Great!

Before we finished our order we remembered from using these folks a few years ago that they offered this product. It is a no brainer to purchase to make applying the labels over these little bars much easier!

Mary Sell
Double tape

Double sided tape made super simple to wrap candy bars with wrappers. No sticky mess.

Jodie Laskey
Glue tape

This wasn’t real sticky and it broke half way through my project ! Ugh!

Hayley FitzGerald
The glue of pure imagination!

The double sided tape is a must buy! Seriously made wrapping incredibly easy. Keeps the Wonka wrapper from sliding off. I may use this to wrap gifts from now on. Love it! Amazing!