Collection: Bulk Case Lollipops

Personalized Lollipops Bulk 20 pounds case. About 1200 lollipops per case. Lollipops and Stickers come FULLY ASSEMBLED. You'll receive your personalized stickers and the lollipops assembled and ready to hand out.
Lollipop Size and Color and Flavor:
* 1.2 inch Zany Swirl Lollipop (Blue Berry Blast, Persian Lime, Raspberry Crush, Wild Strawberry, Concord Grape and Orange Tangerine)
* 1.2 inch Fruit Flavor Lollipop (Persian Lime, Watermelon, Concord Grape, Georgia Peach, Italian Lemon, Wild Strawberry, Orange Tangerine, Raspberry Crush, Rock'n Root Beer and Blue Berry Blast)
* 1.2 inch Peppermint Zany Swirl Lollipop
* 1.2 inch Butterscotch Swirl Lollipop
* 1.2 inch Patriotic Pops (Wild Strawberry and Blueberry Blast)

Lollipop Information:
* Lollipops are individually plastic wrapped
* About 1200 lollipops per case
* Your information on a 1 inch sticker
* Lollipops and Stickers are fully assembled

Buying in bulk is a great deal for a doctor's office, bank, or anywhere that needs lots of lollipops.