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Candy Bar Wedding Favors By Georgina Clatworthys In recent years it has become popular for couples to let their guests make their own wedding favors by setting up a candy bar at the reception. But what is a candy bar and what should you include? A candy bar is simply a table filled with various forms of confectionary such as candies and chocolates along with small bags or boxes for guests to help themselves. They make eye catching displays within the reception room and are great fun! But you do need to give them some careful planning and choose your confectionary carefully. Firstly consider where you will site your candy bar within the room and the size of table you will need. Commonly tables will be long but you can make it work with round tables as well. Candy bars can potentially draw a crowd so think about where you place the table and how your guests will get to it. If you choose a round table then think about placing directional signs on it so your guests go around it in one direction - less chance of a mishap that way! What confectionary will you include on your candy bar? Think about traditional confectionary based wedding favors such as mints, almonds, chocolates and candies. You can also add in cookies, cupcakes, nuts and more specialist confections which perhaps are traditional to your culture. Do not get too carried away here or you could end up with a surplus of sweet treats which will take years to get through! Choose your confectionary with your wedding in mind, e.g. colors, themes and shapes. A candy bar of coordinating colored sweets looks amazing, but likewise a rainbow of colors can be just as pleasing. Do not forget your budget either - candies are very cheap to purchase wholesale but cookies and cupcakes will cost a lot more. You should also think about the time of year of your wedding and the potential for confectionary to melt or spoil. Plan out how you will present your candies and confectionary and choose a range of vessels to put them in. These can include bottles, jars, bowls, stands, plates etc. Choosing vessels of varying heights will add interest to the display. Finally, you will need to provide your guests with something to put their wedding favors in so they can take them home. Choose bags or boxes of a reasonable size (especially if you have a lot of candies) and add some small scoops to make it easy to transfer candies into the containers. Add a sign inviting your guests to help themselves and giving your thanks to them for joining you on your special day. Georgina Clatworthy is a dedicated full time writer who composes informative articles related to wedding favors and wedding. She is connected with 1WeddingSource, today's leading wedding social networking planning site. Article Source: