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The Best Wedding Announcement is a Save the Date Magnet By Andrew Barber Save the Date magnets are one way to make your wedding stylish. They are relatively new, very thoughtful, and easy to get and deliver. When you want to make sure that all the important people in your life are able to make plans ahead of time so they can attend your special day, the Save the Date magnet comes to the rescue. When To Send Them They are typically sent out many months prior to the actual wedding day. Some couples send them up to a year before. The idea is to let the people make arrangements with their work and family schedules, make motel reservations if they are from out of town, and have time to find the perfect wedding gift for you. Why They Are So Popular Unlike a paper announcement, these quality Save the Date magnets last a long time. Years, in fact. Your friends and family will put them on the refrigerator at home or on a computer at work as a constant reminder. Since the last so long, there is no worry of them fading or falling apart before the wedding. They Keep On Working Long after the wedding they can still fulfill a purpose. They jog peoples' memory so they don't forget your first anniversary...or the second, or third, and so on. The beautiful photo of you two will always be in their home as a fine memento of your wedding. Find a decent supplier. One that will allow you to customize your Save the Date magnet. It's your wedding, so you should be able to make every aspect of it just as you desire. If the company you work with has professional graphic artists on staff, so much the better. Shop around and make sure you get the service and product you deserve. Article Source: