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KitKat200 - Kit Kat Personalized Full Size Wrapper

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Product Code - KitKat200

Kit Kat Full Size 1.5 oz Candy Bar Wrappers

Who doesn't love this chocolaty crispy treat? KIT KAT Crisp Wafers in Milk Chocolate are a favorite with their classic combination of crispy, crunchy cookie wafers covered in creamy milk chocolate. Break one off for a quick snack or share with a friend.

Any of our full size Hershey's or Miniature candy wrappers can be made into a Kit Kat wrapper.

Kit Kat Full Size Wrappers

Choose any full size or miniature size candy bar wrapper and we'll put it on your Kit Kat wrapper

Wrappers Fit the 1.5 oz Kit Kat with 4 sticks

Kit Kat Candy Bars NOT included

Foil is not included

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