LWA259teal - Wedding Damask Lifesaver Wrapper

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Custom damask themed lifesaver wrappers for weddings. These candy wrappers fit standard Lifesaver rolls. Timeless damask background, on the foreground you can find the bride and grooms names, wedding date a special message from the Mr and Mrs.

Regular Lifesavers Roll wrappers fit:

  • 5 Flavor Fruit Lifesavers - 14 candies, net weight 1.14 oz.
  • Pep-o-mint Lifesavers 14 candies, net weight .84 oz (smaller than 5 Flavor Lifesavers)

Create a memorable party favor with personalized LifeSavers / LoveSavers candy wrappers. These are sure to be a big hit at the party! Personalized candy wrappers are the perfect favors!

Order just the wrapper or the wrapped LifeSavers candies!

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